This Season

Chilli Harvest - 26th September 2014
If you're interested in knowing what chilli pepper varieties I'm growing this season (2024), then here's a complete list in alphabetical order, along with how many plants of each variety I have. The list is updated on a regular basis at the start of the season, and any further additions to the chilli plant tribe, such as late seed sowings, plants gifted to me or plants I've purchased myself will be added to the list also.

All of the chilli seeds, regardless of the species, are typically sown at the same time, somewhere between the beginning of January and the middle of February. They are sown in multi-purpose compost and germinated with the aid of a bog-standard heated propagator. On rare occasions, I may start them off under grow lights, and in such cases I normally stagger the sowing times for each species. However, I prefer starting them all off at the same time without using grow lights. Varieties which appear in red are those which have yet to germinate, and varieties which appear in black are those which have already germinated.

Number of Varieties: 15 | Number of Plants: 21

Spicemad's Grow List: 2024

  1. Aji Largo x2
  2. Aji Mochero x1
  3. Bangalore Torpedo x1
  4. Bell Pepper x2
  5. Charapon Amarillo x1
  6. Chocolate Habanero x3
  7. Fatalii x1
  8. Mako Akokosrade x1
  9. Malawi Bird's Eye x1
  10. Orange Habanero x1
  11. Papa Joe's Scotch Bonnet x2
  12. Peruvian White Habanero x1
  13. San Isidro Rocoto x1
  14. Scarlet Lantern x1
  15. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion x2